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My name is Paria Eichhorn and I’m a Creative Director and Photographer.

I view every new project as an upcoming challenge and always aim to surpass the customers and my own expectations.
At the beginning of each project I always work out all the project parameters first in close cooperation with the client to ensure a smooth workflow and guarantee the best possible result. This enables me to choose the correct methods and tools. I often incorporate photography into my work due to my vast knowledge and experience in this field.

My photographic journey started early in my life and I began working as a professional photographer at age 14. My early success in this profession enabled me to independently finance my Bachelor education at Tehran university, the most elite college for arts in Iran. During my studies I was able to use my new developed knowledge and expand my business. Even before I graduated in Visual Communication (B.A.) I was already doing professional work in photography and graphic design. Some of my most important work after graduation I did for customers like the Goethe-Institut and the German Embassy in Tehran.

In 2016 I decided to move to Germany to begin my Master studies at Augsburg University where I graduated in 2018. During and after my studies I was able to establish myself in Germany and worked not only for Augsburg University for some time, but also for known companies like “O.U.P. Komunikation” in Augsburg and the greatly successful startup company “Spendit” in Munich.
Some time after graduation me and my husband decided to relocate to beautiful Regensburg.

Today we own a photography business there and I also work for a Internationally active company “audaris GmbH” and do some freelance work.

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